JoyaToes toe spreaders are made from a comfortable gel material (TPE) that can be worn throughout the day and during your yoga practice. They can also be worn while practicing pilates, chi qung, tai chi, or while you are home doing everyday activities or just relaxing!


Patent Design

JoyaToes toe spreaders are the most versatile patented toe separator design on the market. They can be worn practicing yoga, when doing things around the house, and can even be worn in certain footwear while out and about. When worn they continually help heal foot ailments and correct bunions.  JoyaToes are protected by a design patent in Canada (Canadian Design No.132316) and a design patent in the United States (U.S. Design Patent No.D632013).


JoyaToes Help

  • relax and rejuvenate tired, achy and swollen feet
  • realign the bones and soft tissue
  • stimulate circulation
  • increase flexibility and strength
  • open the energy channels and revitalizes the body
  • heal foot ailments and as a bunion corrector


How to use your JoyaToes

  1. Start by placing the largest pillar in the space between the big toe and second toe. The three smaller pillars go between the other toes. If the little toe is over-stretched or the last pillar does not go into the space between the fourth and little toe, you may try shaving this pillar down or removing it completely.
  2. There may be an adjustment period when initially wearing your JoyaToes. If your feet begin to ache from the stretch or your toes go numb, wear them for shorter lengths of time. A suggestion would be 5 to 20 minutes 3 times a day. As your feet realign and open, you will be able to wear them for longer periods.
  3. After your JoyaToes feel comfortable, they can also be worn with certain footwear such as flip flops or broader shoes (crocs).



  • If numbness, pain or a burning sensation occurs, discontinue use immediately.
  • To avoid transmitting fungal infections do not share your JoyaToes with other people.
  • For external use only.
  • Keep out of reach of children under 3 years. CHOKING HAZARD!



  1. Wash your JoyaToes with hand or dish soap and hot water. They are also machine washable.
  2. If your toe spreaders lose their original shape pour boiling water into a bowl and soak them for about 15 minutes. Remove them and make sure they have cooled down before wearing them. If the toe spreaders remain in a twisted position for an extended length of time they will retain the memory of the twisted shape. Eventually they will return to their true shape, but it is quicker if you soak them in the hot water.